About PathXL

Our story, and how we can help you ...

PathXL, known then as ‘i-Path’, was established in 2004 within the Department of Pathology Informatics at Queens University Belfast by Professor Peter Hamilton and Dr Jim Diamond.

With over 30 years’ experience in the field they aimed to drive digital pathology adoption though web based, intuitive software workflow solutions, a task they believed to be very important to providing much better solutions than they could find elsewhere. From our beginnings as a university spin-out to a company with global reach, we have remained true to our core mission – delivering world class digital pathology software products to the community, and seeking to consistently innovate ‘First in the World’ products.

The success and capability of PathXL in providing the software solutions is made possible by our teams of digital pathology specialists, who dedicate their careers to tissue-based research and practice – delivering innovative, effective and reliable solutions for the pathology and tissue research community. With offices in the UK and USA, and distributors across three continents, we interface software, biotechnology, diagnostics and biopharma with major international impact.

Our Vision is to be a driving force in Digital Pathology, leaders in the move from the era of point solutions into integrated effective modern workflows and analysis. Our solutions will become pervasive throughout Education, Research and the translation of that into support of Clinical Diagnosis.

We also recognize the very valuable role of our international panel of Advisors, key opinion leaders in the digital pathology field, who help guide our strategy and its’ delivery.

What do we provide?

As market leaders in digital pathology workflow software serving over 40,000 users worldwide, PathXL’s reach spans many sectors and application areas.

Our deep expertise in web-enabled workflow, case management, research collaboration and cellular image analysis software convinces us that these tools can enhance pathology in a variety of critical areas. PathXL software tools are improving precision in molecular diagnostics research, accelerating biomarker discovery, supporting international studies through web-based collaboration, allowing remote pathology review and reporting from anywhere in the world and driving up quality standards in pathology-based education and discovery.

By transforming the digital pathology landscape, we’re able to accelerate progress on the research that matters impacting billions of people globally.

How can we help you?

Here at PathXL, we aim to support any digital pathology initiative, whether departmental, institutional, national or international, through the use of modern, innovative technology solutions. The software solution and supporting services comes down to the needs of your company.

PathXL is the key to turning your digital pathology ideas into reality. Our focus is to actively drive your digital pathology program, providing increased returns on investment, time and cost savings, and deliver scientific consistency and standardization through innovative software solutions and expert guidance.

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