Clinical Trials

PathXL’s extensive suite of digital pathology software
will support your Clinical Trial ...

Use the latest imaging and tissue analysis technology to drive your clinical trial to the next level.

If your trial involves human tissues, PathXL’s digital pathology software will support multicenter or centralized pathology review, and by providing the tools to centralize reporting or access to unlimited pathology experts anywhere in the world.

With PathXL’s automated tumor analysis software, novel trials where solid tumor mutational analysis or next generation sequencing are important, can be accelerated and biomarkers sensitivity improved.

Key Features

Access experts globally

Permanent archive of tissue sections

Multi-expert reporting on the same case

Data interrogation

Automated analysis for accurate quantification

Easy implementation


PathXL provides secure web based solutions for managing digital pathology images and reporting information from any location.

Consult with experts nationally and internationally, ensuring the most accurate data.


Access to remote experts for pathology review on-line reduces cost of shipping slides, and the need for repeat tests.

Automated analysis of tissue quality avoids wastage of precious clinical tissue samples.


Through accurate, reliable reporting of tumor content and tumor cell number, PathXL’s TissueMark solution provides a powerful tool to assist in molecular stratification and select of target patient cohorts for forthcoming clinical trials.

Additional IHC, ISH, FISH and FL automated image analysis modules will support quantitative tissue data for biomarker discovery, evaluation and selection throughout the clinical trial process.

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