Computational pathology

Analyze solid tumor tissue samples in research applications fast and enhance the quality and reliability of macrodissection, nucleic acid extraction, and molecular profiling.


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Computational pathology

TissueMark 1, 2 is our innovative research application for the automated detection and analysis of tumor cells on H&E stained tissue sections. It employs powerful algorithms for research into:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer

You will enjoy automatic analysis of your tissue samples via a quantitative visual heat map of tumor probability. Color-coded, this provides information on tumor location and differentiation from stroma, inflammation, and necrosis.

Automated analysis for accurate quantification

TissueMark imaging algorithms automatically identify tumor in H&E images and creates an annotation of the tumor boundary for you.  This can be used to provide a tissue map for macrodissection. TissueMark also measures the percent of tumor nuclei to ensure sample quality and sufficient tumor nucleic acid for molecular profiling.


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Cost effective


Support streamlining the evaluation of new molecular assays by automating the markup and tumor cell content in H&E samples. This enables you to make the adoption of new molecular tests practical and cost effective.

Instill accuracy and consistency in tumor purity estimations

Opens the pathway to significantly improve workflow and establish accuracy, consistency and quality in molecular pathology.


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Enhance turnaround time

Biomarker discovery in solid tumors is accelerated, this could significantly speed up the turnaround time for macrodissection in large studies.


Minimum hardware requirements



Screen Resolution


Dual-core @1.65GHz

3GB of physical RAM memory


IE (11), Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Operating system

Other software


Most recent web browser

A PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader)

100Mbit or 1Gbit Ethernet connection to internet/intranet

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  1. TissueMark is a research application. Not intended for diagnostic use.
  2. PathXL is the legal manufacturer of TissueMark and is a Philips company.

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