EQA Quality Assurance

As technology advances, traditional glass slide circulations are moving towards virtual distribution of high quality whole slide scans for EQA purposes.

Removing the need for posting/shipping glass slides and providing on-line facilities for the management of quality assurance programmes is revolutionising the entire process for small and large schemes alike.

PathXL® EQA supports a range of online microscopy bases quality assurance programmes, whether local, regional, national or international.


Set up and manage EQA schemes online, from any location

Great for small samples where numerous tissue sections cannot be taken. One section, one scan, multiple participants viewing exactly the same slide

Remove the majority of administrative requirements for distribution, tracking and collection

PathXL can manage complete EQA programmes on behalf of client

Key Features

Wizard to create EQA schemes quickly and easily

Secure, Web based access for participants

No downloads or plug-ins required

Fast navigation of the slide

Managers can access results and reporting material centrally

Increase the speed of circulations

Deploy onsite or host with PathXL

Support migrating from other systems

What our customers say

“The molecular pathology tissue assessment module developed in collaboration with PathXL will help drive high standards and good quality molecular pathology testing across the country.

This will initially be part of the 100,000 Genomes project and will then be developed to all laboratories providing a clinical molecular pathology testing service.”

Dr Sandi Deans, Scheme Director UKNEQAS

Online software for virtual EQA

More than facilitating the viewing of the slides, PathXL EQA software allows for all test questions to be answered within a single interface and results managed centrally.

Users can answer and submit answers on-line… no paper filling, postage of results, sending glass slides on to next participant.


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