The need for digital pathology
in education

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Pathology education and training can be significantly enhanced by using digital pathology and virtual microscopy.  Using the correct tools, digital resources can be combined to provide the richest training materials in pathology which can be delivered to large audiences entirely on-line.  This can be used to enable undergraduate teaching of histology, residency/trainee training of pathology and professional training in specialist areas of pathology.

Traditionally, education and training in pathology has been delivered using textbooks, glass slides and conventional microscopy. This style of teaching raises several problems for both the student and the teacher, including not being able to visualize exactly what others are discussing, neck pain, only being able to learn in the classroom and many more. 

Digital pathology/Virtual microscopy in education can allow:


Group learning and clearer discussions


Incorporation of various multimedia files including streaming videos, presentations, sound files, PDFs and office documents


Lecturers to clearly highlight certain regions of interest to students


Remote learning by access to course content

Philips provide dedicated software called Tutor to allow educators to create and deliver rich web-based resources that embed digital pathology within the training program.  This is currently being used by pathology educators and professional organizations worldwide to deliver high quality pathology training locally or globally using our cloud based educational services.

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  1. Philips Pathology Education Tutor is for education use only. Not intended for diagnostic use.
  2. PathXL is the legal manufacturer of Philips Pathology Education and is a Philips company.

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