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Philips suite of digital pathology software will support your molecular program

As the demand for molecular profiling of solid tumors increases, so too does the need for H&E sample review, annotation and tumor purity assessment. This is placing extra workload on the pathology departments which are already stretched with routine diagnostics, as well as centralized commercial labs who need to analyze large volumes of cases.

In addition to established molecular pathology testing using PCR or array technologies, experts believe that a majority of oncology patients will receive NGS within the next 4-5 years. These molecular signatures have the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the 21st century, but only if the samples being analyzed have sufficient tumor DNA.

Without sufficient cancer cells and associated tumor DNA, the chances of finding important mutations is significantly reduced and many clinical molecular diagnostic tests may fail.  This could determine whether a patient receives a life changing drug or not.  Evidence shows that molecular biomarker trials are failing due to the inability to reliably detect poor tissue samples.

TissueMark1, 2 is an innovative technology that uses digital and computational pathology to automatically annotate tumor in H&E tissues sections and calculate precisely the tumor cellularity for molecular pathology labs.

Key Features

Consistent and accurate cell numbers and % tumor 1.1

High throughput sample quality assessment

Automatic macrodissection boundary

Reduction of false negatives 1.1

Remote review for experts

Permanent archive of tissue sections

Reduce time take to tissue review 1.1

Save time & money

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  1. TissueMark is a research application. Not intended for diagnostic use.
  2. PathXL is the legal manufacturer of TissueMark and is a Philips company.

1.1 – Automated tumor analysis for molecular profiling in lung cancer, Hamilton, et al, Oncotarget (2015); 6: 27938 – 27952.

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