product-tissuemarkTissueMark® is a ground-breaking, easy to use solution for the automated identification of tumor tissue on standard H&E stained digital slides.

TissueMark® combines sophisticated algorithmic image analysis technology with a straightforward, no nonsense workflow, supporting the pathologist with accurate and highly consistent tumor information and streamlining molecular pathology processes through optimization of tumor content and purity.

Key features
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Tumor cell counting

The tumor cell counting capability is an extension to PathXL’s current TissueMark range, designed for the rapid and automated detection and analysis of tumor tissue on digitized, H&E stained tissue samples.

The software now provides the pathologist with three separate automated methods to assess tumor content and count % tumor nuclei on digital slides. As with all of PathXL’s products, the new TissueMark application has been carefully validated against known standards and results show strong concordance with time-consuming manual counts of tumor nuclei in lung, colorectal and breast whole tissue sections.


pdfimageWhite Paper: Tumor cell estimation for molecular testing awardNew Product Innovation Award – Automated Image Analysis for Digital Pathology


TissueMark® is award winning

TissueMark awarded Frost & Sullivan Award 2014

Following extensive research of the Image Analysis market, using its Best Practices Research methodology, Frost & Sullivan has announced that PathXL has won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for 2014 for their ground-breaking tumor analysis solution, TissueMark. Read more …



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