Accurate, consistent and time-saving annotation of tumor tissue...

TissueMark® combines sophisticated algorithmic image analysis software technology with a straightforward, no nonsense workflow, supporting the pathologist with accurate and highly consistent tumor information and streamlining molecular pathology processes through optimization of tumor content and purity.


Reduce time spent on tumour analysis by 40%

Save up to 30% of costs in biomarker discovery & drug clinical trials

Improve accuracy by reducing false negatives

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Key Features

Automated analysis for accurate quantification

Permanent archive of tissue sections

Multi-expert reporting on the same case

Data interrogation


The TissueMark® tumor map generates a quantitative visualization of tumor probability for regions within the marked-up boundary. Regions of high tumor probability are labelled red, regions of low tumor probability are labelled pale blue/transparent.

This image analysis software is extremely useful in highlighting areas of non-tumour such as stroma, inflammation and necrosis, that are included within the macrodissection boundary. Measurements between manual annotation of slides and automated annotation of slides using TissueMark®, shows strong concordance samples.


The tumor cell enumeration capability is an extension to PathXL’s current TissueMark range, designed for the rapid and automated detection and analysis of tumor tissue on digitized, H&E stained tissue samples.

Following tumor detection the software provides the pathologist with three separate automated methods to assess tumor content and count % tumor nuclei on digital slides. This is invaluable in defining thresholds for tumor cell sufficiency in FFPE samples and ensuring quality and precision in molecular tests.


As with all of PathXL’s products, the new TissueMark image analysis software has been carefully validated against known standards and results show strong concordance with time-consuming manual counts of tumor nuclei in lung, colorectal and breast whole tissue sections.

TissueMark® is for research purposes only.

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