Tissue Microarrays

Biomarker Discovery with Tissue Microarrays

PathXL TMA (Tissue Microarray) is a module designed to speed up research studies which require manual scores of TMA cores. It is unique, allowing you to manually score TMAs online helping you evaluate new tissue biomarkers in TMAs quickly and easily.

Perfectly designed to support TMA scoring workflow and already used by pathologists worldwide, the system allows configuration of experiments in minutes.


View metadata, the TMA core, scoring criteria and the TMA map all on a single interface – allowing pathologists to quickly and easily navigate even the most complex studies.

Combine results from multiple experts located anywhere in the world.

Step from one core to another, pause and restart with the navigation system always keeping track of where you are on the TMA.

Securely and centrally stored results for immediate or subsequent review.

Key Features

Secure, Web based access for participants

Associate image analysis results

Support for all major scanning vendors

No downloads or plugins required

Fast navigation of the cores

Manage unique core IDs

Upload associated metadata to specific to TMA cores

Ensure ease of use for remote experts

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