Professional Organizations & Societies

We are perfectly placed to support the digital pathology needs of any society or professional body ...

We work with globally recognized professional organizations and societies

PathXL have previously worked for societies such as The European Society of Pathology and The Pathological Society of UK and Ireland.

PathXL have also worked with various professional bodies including, UKNEQAS, NordiQC and specialist EQA schemes, to provide the most reliable solutions for fast and easy to access to virtual slides from any location.

Key Features

Support for major whole slide scanners

Web access 24/7 from any device

No downloads required by end users

Quick and easy set up

Scanning services

Total IT management

Cloud hosting

Consulting and support


A combination of PathXL ‘s easy to use web based management software and hosting services mean you can make your slides available to selected groups quickly and easily.

With the easy to use software, you can be sure your members can access images from any location at any time.


If you have important slide collections why not have them scanned using PathXL’s expert slide scanning services and made available in a cloud hosting environment to selected users.


PathXL can support conference organizers by scanning and hosting discussion cases from speakers, or general cases of interested.

Attendees with the required login information can access these cases and slides, before, during and after the conference from any location.


Whether you are running a training school for days, weeks, or months, PathXL will allow you to organize the content including virtual slides, and make it available to attendees before, during and after the school.

PathXL software will even allow you to keep content between schools and re-use year after year, updating as required.


PathXL will take on the administrative processes leaving time for scheme organizers to concentrate on other areas. Using digital slides for an EQA ensures all participants are being tested on the same sections and the risk of loss and breakage is removed.

In place of circulations, schemes can be completed in parallel, reducing the costs and allowing results to be distributed in a timelier manner.

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