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As the use of molecular testing and the demand for suitable tissue for analysis increase, so too does the extra workload on the pathology departments which are already stretched with routine clinical diagnostics.

Experts believe that a majority of oncology patients will receive NGS within the next 4-5 years. These molecular signatures have the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the 21st century, but only if the samples being analyzed have sufficient tumor DNA.

Without sufficient cancer cells, the chances of finding important mutations is significantly reduced. Many clinical molecular diagnostic tests will fail if there is insufficient numbers of tumor cells. This could determine whether a patient receives a life changing drug or not.

Biomarker trials are failing due to inability to reliably detect poor tissue sample samples. Our ability to discover new molecular biomarkers is reduced when sample quality is poor with insufficient tumor DNA.

Key Features

Consistent and accurate cell numbers and % tumor

High throughput sample quality assessment

Automatic macrodissection boundary

Reduction of false negatives

Remote review for experts

Permanent archive of tissue sections

Reduce time take to tissue review

Save time & money


PathXL’s flagship product TissueMark is supporting labs globally providing novel computer vision techniques to automatically identify and analyze cancer in digital H&E whole slide images.

TissueMark uses patented image analysis algorithms to identify cancer patterns in images and measure the numbers of cancer cells. This will ultimately determine whether the sample is good enough for molecular analysis and could potentially reduce inaccurate diagnoses across a range of cancer types.


PathXL experience with image analysis, both in-house, and third parties will ensure you have the right platforms available for any image analysis to support your discovery and validation program.

As a vendor independent partner we will give you access to user feedback and reference customers in your region.


PathXL understand that the archival and interrogation of the images and data are integral to the running of any molecular program and have a range of solutions to support your lab, fitting in with your existing workflows.


PathXL is working with world leading molecular organizations to support the implementation and validation of digital pathology into your molecular program.

Call us today to discovery how we can free up pathology by removing the mundane, and expedite your research while driving down costs.

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