Enhance research and education with digital pathology ...

In 2005 PathXL was established with an aim to improve tissue based education and training providing software allowing educators to create rich web-based resources to incorporate digital pathology.

In addition PathXL’s has some of the most powerful software to support tissue-based research and discovery within academic medical centers and universities.

Key Features

Support for major whole slide scanners

Easy implementation, full training & support

End-to-end modular workflow software

Flexible purchase options


With deployed and hosted customers in some of the world’s best known universities, PathXL supports the education, training and examination of pathology students, residents and professionals, globally.

PathXL’s educational solution supports the combination of digital pathology with other multimedia and content creation capabilities to provide a rich environment for course creators, trainers and pathologists.

Regardless of the number of students, the style of content, the level of pathology training – digital pathology education and training material can be quickly and easily made available over the web to users connecting on PC, Mac or Tablet devices from any location.


PathXL’s digital pathology research software modules will support all types of tissue based research supporting case storage, remote review, tissue biomarker scoring and analysis, tissue microarrays and molecular diagnostics.

PathXL’s software solutions, make digital pathology work for you as you strive to discover and innovate.

Whether you are taking part in national/international education programs, are running a core lab with digital pathology, are trying to generate additional return on investment for a scanner already purchased, or applying for your next big grant, PathXL has a range of solutions to support and add value to your education program.

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